Grading services in Cartersville, Georgia, are hired to change the elevation or pitch of a site surrounding commercial or residential property. Site grading may be done before renovations or new construction to level the surface for a solid foundation to be placed. Meanwhile, grading may improve existing properties by creating special appearances or enhance drainage.

Grading jobs often require professional contractors or engineers who inspect the site for moisture issues and soil conditions. It is common for a civil engineer or geotechnical engineer to use local contour maps to learn more about elevation changes and how local water reserves may be affected by rainwater. Contracts then base their work on the site based on the results and advice from the engineers.

Controlling stormwater is among the most significant concern associated with grading services. If ignored, stormwater can remain around the building’s foundation, over time causing major safety concerns. Additionally, if the soil stays too wet, it can affect plant life and cause a marsh-like soil texture.

Contractors can install French drains using different site grading techniques to catch and redirect water from structures. The drains are buried underground, and the ground must be regarded afterward.

Site grading services in Cartersville, Georgia, can include swales, ditches, or channels. The purpose of all of the methods is to capture excess water to prevent flooding around buildings. When grading, professional contractors will use various equipment, including bulldozers and excavators, to remove dirt or fill low spots.

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